Idris Goodwin

playwright - break beat poet - essayist

Digital hub of writer / performer / educator Idris Goodwin

Performance at SHOUT OUT Redux in Albuquerque, NM 516arts

"The Future is your choice" Baccalaureate address

"Ego Trippin'" featured in Wooden Nickels Skate Video from Kingpin Skateboarding

Featured artist on 'Beyond The Gallery'

Live performance of 'Get Over It' featuring Alex Far

Excerpt: 'Ode To The Mic' Live w/ DJ Gravity

Music Video for Idris's song BRAINSTORM

Idris performs spoken word piece SAY MY NAME 

Idris performs a rhyme about rhyme on Sesame Street

Idris performs spoken word piece WHAT IS THEY FEEDIN OUR KIDS? on HBO