Idris Goodwin

creative voice for change

Digital hub of writer / performer / educator Idris Goodwin

The Human Highlight: An Ode to Dominique Wilkins book trailer

Performance at SHOUT OUT Redux in Albuquerque, NM 516arts

"The Future is your choice" Baccalaureate address

#MATTER a short play, directed by Cody Spellman

Featured artist on 'Beyond The Gallery'

Live performance of 'Get Over It' featuring Alex Far

Excerpt: 'Ode To The Mic' Live w/ DJ Gravity

Music Video for Idris's song BRAINSTORM

Idris performs spoken word piece SAY MY NAME 

Idris performs a rhyme about rhyme on Sesame Street

Idris performs spoken word piece WHAT IS THEY FEEDIN OUR KIDS? on HBO